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How much pollution is the facility in my neighborhood producing? Which chemicals are still contained in wastewater released from sewage treatment plants into the environment? You will find the answers to these and many other questions here at Thru.de.

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PRTR pollutants included in thru.de at a glance

As a new service, we are offering a volume of PRTR pollutants included in thru.de overview of data available since 2007
You will find this volume in the download area of www.thru.de at:

Schadstoffe im PRTR – Situation in Deutschland (2007-2015)
Pollutants of the PRTR – Situation in Germany (2007-2015)

Thru.de is Open Data!

Do you want to know the amount of pollutants released by the chemical facility in your city or how much is discharged to the North Sea via rivers? How much of EU subvention has been received by the fattening facility in your village? You would like to listen again to decisions made by your local council because you are interest in a real estate for which you need standard land values in order to judge the prize offer? Perhaps you only want to know the departure of the tram.

PRTR becomes Thru.de

The Thru.de Internet portal provides you with a lot of information about the quality of the environment – or more precisely, about how much pollution industrial facilities are releasing to the environment and how much waste they are disposing of off-site. The name Thru.de stands for clarity, transparency, reliability and credibility. In Norse mythology Thrude was the goddess of trees and flowers. Her name means 'strength'.

Process started: You are kindly invited to take part in the process of drafting the report on the implementation of the PRTR Protocol in Germany

Currently, we are drafting the report on the implementation of the international PRTR-Protocol and register in Germany. The protocol requires contracting parties to report on the national implementation of the register. The Meeting of the Parties to the Aarhus Convention / Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol on PRTRs (30 June - 04 July 2014), will evaluate and document the state of the art of implementation by all parties.

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